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Breten started writing children's books when her 2 daughters were very young but, wanting to illustrate her own books led her on a journey of teaching herself to draw and paint. The more she painted, however, the more she fell in love with it and realized that THIS is really what she wanted to do.


Many years later, she finds herself inexplicably driven to express the beauty she sees all around her on gorgeous Cape Cod. She paints scenes like beaches, sailboats, and lighthouses, only to name a few. It seems that her grandparents felt that same inspiration, three of them were also artists, but most notably, her grandfather Charles Anton Kaeselau, who holds an important place in the Cape's art history. Their work inspires her to carry on what seems to be a large part of her heritage.


While constantly learning and growing, with each new creation blossoming from a bud of fresh awareness, Breten combines spirituality with her artistic talents to form new and exciting art filled with light and energy. 





"I am happiest when I'm expressing myself through painting and creativity. It's is a spiritual journey for me, one that will never end. A journey where I'm constantly learning and evolving on canvas as well as in my soul.

My subject matter reflects the love I have for animals, nature, and serenity. I believe we are all connected in this great Universe;  people, animals, and the earth, and I care about them all. I have 2 wonderful daughters, a beautiful (rescued) cat, and most recently a rescued (previously abused) Pit Bull who has stolen our hearts. I also have been working with the special needs community on an ongoing basis, since 2002.

I make my living as a (self-taught) artist and have been selling professionally for over 20 years. All my paintings are done using the finest quality materials."  

I extend pure love and blessings to anyone reading this.

*All copyrights are held by the artist.

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