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Intuitive Angel Paintings

Painting Process

During a state of meditation, Breten calls upon and connects with the angelic realm allowing their energy to flow through her and guide her as she paints. She receives her information through clairsentience and clairaudience, but will basically just let go and allow the higher presence to guide her hand as she paints- all the while never knowing what will come out of it!  While painting, the canvas becomes infused with this higher frequency energy that flows through her, promoting well being in the viewer and, although she won't make any claims that someone will be healed, there have been reports of many wonderful and amazing occurrences to those in possession of her angel paintings.

She paints most of these "Healing Angels" in a tiny format, easily held in one's hand, purse or wallet, or mailed in a card.  

You can purchase Breten's angel paintings at either of her shops:

Etsy shop

eBay shop

Commissioned Angel


Breten can also call upon YOUR own angel and/or spirit guide giving their essence a visual presence on canvas!  As the painting comes through, so do messages, names,  words,  and/or sometimes other information that she will write down and include on a separate page as your very own angel reading, to go along with your painting. Along with the benefits mentioned with the other angel paintings, the energy transmitted helps allow the recipient to connect more easily to their own angel or spirit guide.



"I'm blown away! I love the art. This one is on my night stand. It speaks to me so deeply." Bonnie


"I am so glad I chose Breten to paint my personal spirit guide. I will cherish this. She also wrote a note explaining her process and messages she received. Thank you, Breten!" Karen B. 


"The painting is so beautiful! Thank you for the painting and the message. I know that my friend will absolutely love it! I can't wait to order more of these as gifts! Many blessings to you:)" Robin S.


"I love my Angel! I have known her before and Breten did a beautiful job capturing her essence. Her message to me rang true. She has a wonderful gift being able to bring forth these beautiful Angels or Spirit Guides ~ From communication to shipping, I am very happy I made this purchase. Thank you!" A.M.


"Thank you for the gorgeous painting & you were a pleasure to work with" Anonymous  


"This is the third angel painting I have bought and I really like them. I have two in my house and one in my healing space. Thank you" Laura G.


"My wife had you do my Angels portrait for our anniversary. He is amazing!! I absolutely love this painting. His name is Andrew and we have already made an awesome connection due to your painting." Bill P. 

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