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Breten Bryden has over 20 years of experience with hand-coloring antique maps, prints, and nautical charts. She is an expert colorist for dealers and collectors all over the world, who entrust her with their valuable maps, some worth several thousands of dollars each. Her work began as a professional artist when her art gallery adjoined a prominent map dealers shop. It was there that she discovered a new passion and learned about the fine art of antique map coloring. She understands that the correct colors for the historical time period of the map are essential. Over the years Breten has had a wealth of experience in coloring almost every type of map/print/nautical chart there is. She also accepts colorization jobs for reproductions as they are becoming more and more common with computers and the ease of modern-day printing. Hand-coloring reproductions will definitely add personal charm and value, it also adds value to antique maps that haven't sold- making them more eye appealing to customers. Below are a few examples of her work. Please feel free to email Breten with any questions or for a price quote. (

Antique Map Colorist

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