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Since Covid-19 had me in seclusion, and no one seems to be buying art, I've shifted my focus from selling art to making art videos. First I got my feet wet on TikTok (bretenb), then I decided to actually learn how to make videos the 'real' way on iMovie, and now I have my own YouTube channel! Check it out if you want to see some cool videos of what I've been painting. Follow along and free your mind from this worrisome time.

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It's a crazy time to be alive, nothing like this has ever happened before in my 58 years of life and it can be pretty scary when I really stop and think about it, however I'm trying to stay positive. I'm trying not to watch too much news (only to get pertinent information), and I'm focusing on a vision. It goes like this: giant hands are clearing the way through time and on the other side are all of us humans happily smiling and thinking- "glad that's over with now, and it really wasn't as bad as we thought it would be." I call this process "Clearing the way". It was given to me by my guides and I use it often for e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. It really works!

Since we are all made of energy we have the ability to project our energy into the field and change any possible outcome as the future hasn't solidified yet. The more who project the same thoughts/energy/intentions, the more the energy gathers and can create a manifestation. Of course, the same goes for fear- the more that choose fear, the more it manifests and people get swept up into it. It's good to know we have power like that as long as we are smart enough to use it wisely.

The other thing is, everything in this world is getting shaken up right now. Nothing will be the same after this, but think about this: maybe - just maybe- the changes will be for the better(?). Without contrast (what we usually think of as negative things happening to us) nothing would ever change. Things would go on the same way forever. With no contrasting situations, WE would be stagnant, unevolving, and bored with our lives Things have to change for us to keep moving forward. It's the same for the world. Maybe we should open our minds and embrace the change instead of fearing it. Oooo, what if we all sent love to the Corona Virus, maybe we could love it to death. Hmmm I'm going to work on that one. Anyway...Just some food for thought to help keep you in a positive mind space. :)

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I have felt the need to loosen up a bit with my brush strokes. So lately I've been experimenting with a less defined stroke, and bigger brushes. I have found that it takes all my might to STOP, and put the brush down! (I literally have to tell myself that: Stop and put the brush down Breten!) Sometimes I feel like the painting isn't even done, but I must resist the urge, and just let it be as more of a vague suggestion, rather than put in every little detail I can think of.

Somehow, I can equate this to over thinking. Have you ever thought about some issue so much that you made a much bigger deal of it that it actually was? When, if you just ignored it, or made light of it, life would have been so much better? Seems like the same thing to me.

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