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Do you know what you think about all day long? Or are you unaware of most of your thoughts? If Quantum Physics and ancient teachings both say that you create your reality through your thoughts then maybe we should start by being aware of what we are actually thinking about. Then from there we can adjust our thoughts- therefore adjusting our reality.

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Updated: Apr 5, 2018

I painted a couple of miniature cat paintings this past week;

- ACEO's they are known as because of the specific size- 2.5" x 3.5". (ACEO's are collectible, and can be readily found on Ebay). These kittens are so small that the brush I use to do the detail only has a couple of hairs on it. And sometimes I have to put glasses over my glasses just to see! Then I put them on a blog or on my FB page and they get blown up to over 10 x's their real size and people don't realize that they actually fit in my hand. Here are some of them in the binder that I keep them in until they sell. I enjoy thumbing through the notebook and seeing all my miniatures together. # cats # miniatures # aceo

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