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May your wildest dreams come true. Do you still have dreams? I remember when I was in my 20's and the word was open wide- I had dreams, I had BIG dreams. Did they ever come true? Well, lets just say life has a way of twisting and turning so much that sometimes you get so sidetracked that the original dreams end up not mattering anymore. It's great to have wild dreams- and I wish for you that they come true, but if life takes you on a new ride, just recalculate and dream new dreams!

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Enjoy the holidays and even more, I wish for you a happy 2019. Today is a wonderful day to go within and think about what makes you happy, then start doing more of it! Only you can make yourself happy.

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I really enjoy animal commissions but if you ask me to do one, make sure you have a REALLY good photo! It's so important. These guys were in 3 separate, not so great photo's -none the less, I accepted the challenge and can only hope that they look like these people's real babies. It is always fun adding colors like blue and purple to the black. Bet you didn't even notice until I said it!

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