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Cape Cod Tornado! 7-23-19

Monday night 7-22 we got a tornado warning. The rain came down hard, and winds blew, but no tornado. That was scary enough but then the next day around noon we got ANOTHER tornado warning, however this time it actually happened! We've only had 4 tornados on Cape Cod since 1950 so it's a rarity here. Cape Cod is chock full with tourist right now so they were shocked as well, especially when it blew the roof off of the Cape Sands Hotel in Yarmouth (no one was hurt luckily). It seemed like the most damage was done to the beautiful BIG OLD trees- they were pulled right up from the roots and tipped over. The tree damage was extensive, power lines were all over the place and clean up crews and power crews were everywhere for the next 3 days. Thankfully I don't think anyone was seriously injured. It was crazy!

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