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the Blu Berry

This is my daughter's handsome Pit Bull, Blu Berry. Both live with me, and I never dreamed I'd have a Pit Bull because of all the bad rap they have, but after rescuing Blu from an abusive home and I can't tell you how much I love Pitties now! You don't have to agree with me, but this is MY blog afterall. Pit bulls can be as sweet as any other dog if raised properly. They get a bad rap because of PEOPLE who abuse them, raising them to fight. So I'd like to stress again- it's PEOPLE who make the dogs bad. That's not their purest nature- they used to be called 'Nanny Dogs' in the 1800's because people had them to look after their kids! Saying ALL Pit Bulls are bad or dangerous is like saying a specific race of people is bad. Are you prejudice? Are you breed prejudice? Once I got to know a Pit bull personally, I fell in love with him, and realizing all the abuse he had suffered AND so many in this particular breed, has made me a Pit Bull advocate. Look at those eyes! (heart emoji)

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