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I believe every animal has angels looking after it and when they cross over they are guided back 'home'. But you may notice that 'home' sometimes is still right around us. We can often feel their presence in the days that follow. I've felt my (passed) kitties walk on my bed and have even seen them out of the corner of my eye scurrying across the room. I think they hang around for a bit until they decide we are doing ok and then they can move on to other things. Animals, with their pure spirits- give us unconditional love. It's no wonder why we find it so hard to let them go.

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Life begins where fear ends. What do I fear? Hmmm so much! Getting old, not having enough money to pay the bills, my loved ones being hurt, me being hurt, and on and on... but the thing is, I try NOT to think about my fears because I believe that what you think about, and emotionally connect to is what you draw to you. Fear is a very strong emotion- it has a lot of drawing power! So when I start thinking thoughts of fear, I just try and switch the 'channel' in my mind and think about something else. If I can't- then I imagine: what is the WORST thing that can happen, and ask myself will I die? Then I realize that I probably won't and life will go on. I try to talk myself out of the fear- because inner talk makes a huge difference in your experience.

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This is a commissioned angel painting I did WAY back when they first started coming through me. (when I couldn't paint people lol) A lovely woman wanted me to channel the angel of her recently departed dog, Paisley. She was devastated by his loss and wanted to make sure there was an angel watching over him. So as I painted the angel she had me dress her with a pink scarf. I had never painted an angel with a scarf on before, much less PINK, so I thought it was odd, but did it anyway because I was 'directed' to. Long story short- when the woman received the angel she was blown away because her little dog used to come home from the groomers wearing a PINK SCARF!!!! She even sent me this photo of him later on!

The angel really wanted her to know that all was well with Paisley and he was in good hands- and since I hadn't started doing angel readings at this point, this was how she communicated it!

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