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Updated: Sep 5, 2018

This is "K's" commissioned angel that I painted last year. The angel 'came in' (they paint themselves basically) with a dark stone in her hands saying (psychically to me) she 'was charging K's crystal with peace, love and healing'. Now, I had no idea if "K" even knew what crystals were, or had one, or why this crystal was dark and not clear, but come to find out..."K" sent me a photo of this dark round stone VERY similar to the one in the painting, saying she had recently purchased this Labradorite and had been carrying it around with her! There was even more to the reading that was on point but this was the most profound for me. I love to hear when my readings/paintings are spot on, it amazes me each and every time!!

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I just finished this painting (8x10). It's a scene on Bass River in Dennis- a place where my girls and I used to walk all the time. It evokes beautiful memories from the past, which I love to revisit in my head when I look at this. in the past is not where I choose to be. The only time there is, is now- so unless my visits to the past are pleasant then I don't go there. (luckily I only paint happy memories!) Think happy. :)

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Sunsets on Cape Cod are a wonderful thing. Talk about getting inspiration from nature- how could you not around here? It's so beautiful and I thank God every day for living in such a gorgeous place.

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