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I just found the Deepak Chopra station on Pandora and I love it! It has good meditating music along with him talking- possibly reading from his books (?). I'm getting all kinds of words of wisdom to put to my paintings. I love doing that. This station puts me in the 'flow'. :)

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I remember at age 18 thinking there was one certain path I was going to follow that would lead to all my dreams. After all, everyone else seemed to be following this path and they all seemed happy. Fast forward to now (age 56); I can tell you that that path had way more twists and turns in it then I originally thought, or hoped for. In fact, I'd be willing to say that I'm actually OFF that path and have forged my own. And even though it's been a bumpy ride, I think I might like my own path even better than the clear, well defined one I sought to follow so long ago. What path are you on?

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