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Memorial Day weekend is upon us. Time to break out the summer clothes and put in the air conditioners. Time to make plans for summer projects and adventures. Time....but how much time is there really? We could be gone tomorrow without ever realizing any of our hopes, dreams, projects or adventures. Today is all we have. This minute, this second.

Today I'm going to live -really LIVE and make every second, every breath, count. Life is precious.

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I love painting Koi fish! I think it's because of their bright colors and the fluidity of their movements, their flow so to speak. We are all 'flowing' through this life- forever moving forward, albeit, some more gracefully than others. I'm finding out the key is to not resist the stream we are flowing in. We can certainly adjust our course when it gets rocky, but to turn around and fight against it is not only hard, and energy draining, it will never get us to where we ultimately want to be. Today I'm going to go with the flow, gently down the stream.

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I raised my daughters as a single mom and, I won't lie, it was hard- but my girls are the shining stars in my life. Being a great mom (as good as MY mom) was the only thing I ever aspired to when I was young, believe it or not. I'm one of those very nurturing, maternal types, and always have been. I was the one who babysat all the kids in the neighborhood. I was also the oldest sister of 2 younger sisters, the youngest having a physical disability. I suppose that's what also drew me to taking care of special needs people, now that I think of it. Anyway, I love my girls who are now beautiful, intelligent, empowered young women and I am so glad I have had the privilege of being their mom in this life time.

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